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Galaxy NGC 3628

NGC 3628 is a remarkable galaxy since it is being disturbed in many ways. It is one member of a triple group of galaxies including M65 and M66 in Leo. The gravitional pull of these neighboring galaxies has most likely tipped the plane of NGC 3628 and made its central dust lane "wobbled" in appearance. A faint arm of material extends to the left—part of a faint tidal tail due to interaction with its neighbors.

In addition, spectroscopic analysis of the stars and gas in the disk reveal interesting kinematics. The stars orbit the galaxy in the opposite direction of the gas. It is surmised that a recent galactic merger generated this kind of dynamics. In this image, there are many small galaxies (especially the dim dwarf beneath) which may soon be gobbled up. All of this action takes place some 35 million light years away from us. 

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