Black Holes, Etc.

radio jets from galaxy 0313-192Circinus GalaxyJet from a black holeBlack Hole Jettwin jets from galaxy Cygnus ATwin jets from a black hole in NGC 5532twin jets from Fornax Ablack hole in NGC 4261black hole in NGC 7052Black Hole blowing bubblesblack holes mergingCentaurus A in X-rayjets from black hole in Centaurus A galaxy - radiojet from black hole in Centaurus A galaxy - radio and X-rayAbell 400jets from Hercules AWind and Reflections from a Black Hole"death-star" galaxy 3C 321"Persus A" black hole in X-rayArp 220 - two galaxies mergingQuasarsquasar with jet (12 billion light-years away)"homeless" quasar HE0450-2958core of Andromeda galaxymatter spiraling into black hole in NGC 1097galactic center feeding a black holequasar MC2 1635+119 with ringsblack hole at center of the Milky Way Galaxyflare-up in Milky Way's central black holeblack hole Sagittarius A at Milkyway centerX-ray image of black hole Sgr A* at the center of our galaxyswarm of black holes at Milky Way centerEinstein ringEinstein crossAurora Borealisaurora over Yellowknife, Canadathe sky in microwave frequenciesPrimordial Microwave RadiationCosmic Background Microwave - Planck datathe infrared Universegamma-ray skysky in gamma-ray (more sensitivity)Milky Way's magnetic field neutrino sources