Tutorial on Galaxies

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Milky Way galaxyMilkyway in infraredMilky Way center in infraredGalactic CirrusMilkyway in X-rayMilky Way galaxy - an illustrationgas cloud to impact Milky WayNGC 7331 - the Milky Way's twinSpiral Galaxy M100Barnard's GalaxyNGC 1313NGC 1427AGravitational Lens & Far-Red-Shift GalaxyGalaxy NGC7742Galaxy NGC4603Dusty spiral galaxy NGC 4414NGC 3370NGC 3949Star Birth RingGalaxy SilhouettesAndromeda GalaxyNGC 253center of NGC 253NGC 4013 with loopNGC 4013Whirlpool galaxy and neighborcloseup of Wirlpool Galaxy M51Galaxy NGC 1512Warped GalaxyGalaxy NGC 3310M74 galaxySombrero galaxyGalaxy NGC 6782Galaxy NGC4622Galaxy NGC 4526Galaxy NGC2997'lenticular galaxyNeedle GalaxyGalaxy M81Galaxy M81 in infraredGalaxy M82NGC4388 emitting huge amounts of gasGalaxy NGC 891Galaxy NGC 4945Galaxy NGC 300closeup of NGC 300Hoag's ObjectNGC 4319NGC 6946galaxy M94galaxy M106M106 in visible, radio, X-raybarred galaxy NGC 1365NGC 1365 w/ supernovaNGC 1097NGC 1097 closeupgalaxy ESO 269-57Triangulum galaxySouthern Pinwheel galaxygalaxy NGC 3621NGC 3628galaxy M66galaxy M65galaxy NGC 3982galaxy NGC 3982 (visible spectrum)dwarf galaxy NGC 1569'galaxy NGC 613Ring Galaxyelliptical galaxy M87galaxy NGC 2683galaxy NGC 7424barred spiral galaxy NGC 1300galaxy pair NGC 1531 and NGC 1532NGC 4725NGC 1350NGC 5746 with halo of hot gasesNGC 1309M101NGC 2841NGC 3190NGC 5866 edge-onNGC 3718Large Magallanic Cloud in infraredtyphoon RammasunIC342barred spiral galaxy M95galaxy NGC 1672NGC 2903I Zwicky 18 interactingeliptical galaxy NGC 1132NGC 5907 with tidal streamirregular galaxy NGC 55Arp 147NGC 4921NGC 7049polar ring galaxy NGC 660NGC4911galax NGC 4452 - on edgeNGC 6384galaxy IC 2497 and Hanny's VoorwerpNGC 5584NGC 3521barred galaxy NGC 1073gaxaly magnified by gravitational lens one galaxy in front of anotherM60 & NGC 4647 — interacting pair?Large Magellanic CloudM63: Sunflower Galaxygalaxy NGC 6744M96M83NGC 6814dark-matter galaxy Dragonfly 44NGC 4696