Upon hearing that people come from dust and return to dust, a little girl said, "Well, somebody's either coming or going under my bed."

Nebulae are clouds of dust and gas.  A planetary nebula is expelled from a star in the process of dying. Other nebulae provide the material for the birth of new stars. This page is a collection of the latter type of nebulae. See the Stars page for planetary nebulae.

Hubble Space Telescope pictures of nebulae

Nebula NGC604Tarantula Nebulacenter of Orion nebulaOrion nebula in IROrion NebulaWitch Head nebulapillar in Eagle nebulacenter of Eagle NebulaNebula M16Orion "bullets""Mountains of Creation"Lagoon nebulaLagoon Nebula"Hourglass" in the Lagoon NebulaCygnus NebulaLife cycle of starsStar birth in Trifid NebulaCarina Nebulapanorama of part of the Carina nebulaKeyhole NebulaMysterious Mountain dust pillarsN81 nebula in Small Magellanic CloudReflection NebulaHubble-X nebulaTarantula NebulaHorsehead Nebulanebula NGC 3576Trifid NebulaGhost Head NebulaFlaming StarCygnus - radio imageThackeray's GlobulesDark molecular cloudpart of Orion NebulaRosette NebulaRosette nebula in true colorNebula N44Csupper-bubble N44part of N44 nebulaFox Fur NebulaNebula NGC 2264NGC 2264 in inrfaredCone NebulaCocoon NebulaM17 - the "Swan" nebulaPencil Nebulanebula IC 1396IC 1396"Elephant's Truck" in IC 1396emission nebula IC 1396the PleiadesRosebud Nebulaa star is born - McNeil's nebulanebula RCW 49nebula N11Bnebula N11 in the Large Magellanic CloudIris Nebulanebula NGC 346 in the SMCnebula RCW 79nebula NGC 6559the South PillarHeart and Soul nebulaeBlack Widow nebulatadpoles in nebula IC 410Tadpole nebula IC410North America nebulaNGC 6357Pelican nebula (close-up)NGC 602NGC 2170NGC 6188NGC 281Seahorse nebulastar cluster R136 in nebula 30 Doradusnebula IRAS 05437+2502Lagoon NebulaNGC 7822NGC 7822 in infra redM78star birth in NGC 7129pfGhost of the Cepheus Flarecloud IRAS 20324reflection nebula NCG 1333NGC 2174Rho Ophiuchi star systemNGC 6357