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Galaxy Pair NGC 5090 and NGC5091

A pair of galaxies NGC 5090 and NGC 5091 in Centaurus is shown here. This is an interacting elliptical-spiral system with some evidence of tidal disruption of NGC 5091 (to the left; seen under a steep angle) by NGC 5090 (to the right). The velocity of the nucleus of NGC 5091 has been measured as 3429 km/sec, while NGC 5090 has a velocity of 3185 km/sec. NGC 5090 is associated with a strong, double radio source (PKS 1318-43).

This three-colour composite image (BVR) was obtained from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) with the Very Large Telescope (VLT) ANTU and FORS1 in the morning of March 29, 1999. The field size is 3 x 4 arcmin2.