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Planetary Nebulae (description)
Hourglass Nebula--a dying starStar's Death - Nebula NGC2027Cat's Eye NebulaCat's Eye NebulaEta Carinae - debis from supernova impostor eventButterfly NebulaElongated nebula about a dying starRotten-Egg NebulaAnt NebulaHelix nebulaHelix nebula in infraredEye of SauronEight-Burst NebulaRing NebulaRing Nebula M57Square Nebula IC4406'Spirograph NebulaCrescent NebulaNebula NGC 2346Red Spider Nebulawhite dwarf and nebulaStar ejecting massLittle Ghost NebulaBoomerang Nebulaboomerang nebula in polarized lightBug Nebula"Red Rectangle" nebulaDumbbell Nebula"Ghost of Jupiter" with FLIERsNGC 6826 with FLIERsSkull nebulaplanetary nebula Jones-Embersonplanetary nebula NGC6164-5NGC 6164planetary nebula NGC 2440Medusa nebulaNGC 2371Crescent Nebula NGC 6888'theNGC 2818'K 4-55NGC 6302 - a "butterfly" nebula"Little Dumbbell" nebula M76'double-bipolar NGC 5189"Glowing Eye" nebulaowl nebulatriple star formingspiral around the star LL Pegasi

Supernova Remnants
Supernova in Large Magellanic CloudSupernova 1987Aring around supernova 1987ACrab nebulaCrab NebulaCrab pulsar movieCrab Nebula in X-rayyCassiopeia A nebulawhite dwarf supernovaVela supernova remnantVela supernova remnant in opticalthe Vela pulsarN49 in the Large Magellanic Cloudsupernova remnant IC 443Tycho's supernova remnantVeil nebula (or Cygnus Loop supernova remnant)Cygnus Loop supernova remnant (or Veil nebula) in X-raysupernova remnant 3C58Semeis 147Simeis 147X-ray image of supernova remnant N 63Asupernova remnant N 63Asupernova remnant 0103-72.6supernova remnant N132DN132D in X-raysupernova remnant SN 1006supernova remnant Puppis AKepler's supernova remnantsupernova remnant g292.0+1.8double-supernova remnant DEM L316E0102SNR 0509Lighthouse NebulaJellyfish nebula IC443

Stellar Jets
Stellar Jetjets from a three-star systemjet HH 151protoplanetary disk around star HL TauriHH 30 stellar jetStellar jets HH-34Binary star system blowing bubblesTwo stellar jets in the Carina nebula HH 110jets from HH 24Lighthouse Nebula

Bubbles, etc.
AU Microscopii with dust disknew-born star RY taulight echos from MonocerotisEgg Nebulapart of Bubble NebulaThor's Helmet bubble nebulabubble nebula N44Fa bubble in CygnusSoap Bubble nebulaAbell 39 Nebula cepheid variable RS Puprunaway star Zeta Oph

Star Clusters
globular cluster M13globular cluster NGC 5139globular cluster NGC6934the Pleiadesstar cluster R136 in nebula 30 Doradus Messier 5 globular clusternebula NGC 6357