the Morse code = here come dots
dormitory = dirty room
software = swear oft
the railroad train = hi! I rattle and roar
internet anagram server = isn't re-arrangement rave?
Clint Eastwood = old west action
Western Union = no wire unsent
the country side = no city dust here
evangelist = evil's agent
astronomers = moon starers
desperation = I at rope's end
slot machines = cash lost in 'em
conversation = voices rant on
Disraeli = I lead, sir.
clothespins = so let's pinch
the great New York rapid transit tunnel = giant work in street, partly underneath
Florence Nightingale = flit on cheering angel
darling, I love you = leaving your idol
heavy rain? = hire a navy!
Tom Cruise = so I'm cuter
animosity = is no amity
mother-in-law = woman Hitler
a domesticated animal = docile, as a man tamed it
the Hilton = hint: hotel
a rolling stone gathers no moss = stroller on go, amasses nothing
snooze alarms = alas! no more Z's
vacation times = I'm not as active
Alec Guinness = genuine class
semolina = is no meal
the United States of America = attaineth its cause, freedom
Christmas tree = search, set, trim
Presbyterian = best in prayer
the public art galleries = large picture halls, I bet
a decimal point = I'm a dot in place
Statue of Liberty = built to stay free
eleven plus two = twelve plus one
indomitableness = endless ambition
contradiction = accord not in it
debit card = bad credit

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