Clichés to avoid like the plague
(more than you can shake a stick at)

small token of our appreciation
first and foremost
each and every
last but not least
too numerous to mention
one of my favorites, and I hope one of yours
someone who needs no introduction
favor us with a song
go the extra mile
deep debt of gratitude
I'd like to take this opportunity
give him a warm welcome
many moons ago

take the bull by the horns
one of the movers and shakers
took countless hours
looks like something the cat dragged in

art imitates life

with fear and loathing

a bleeding-heart liberal

avoid it like the plague

at death doorstep

for all intents and purposes

growing by leaps and bounds

it goes without saying that
a good time was had by all
nip it in the bud

go him one better

few and far between
risk life and limb
inexorably drawn to
by hook or by crook
easier said than done
stands out like a sore thumb

no time like the present

to his heart's content

the kiss of death

wouldn't know him from Adam

take a dim view
as luck would have it
put your best foot forward

like a bat out of hell

cut a fine figure

get down to brass tacks

by a twist of fate
barking up the wrong tree
step up to the plate

there's one born every minute
it's a small world

I slept like a log
older and wiser

hit the panic button

start from scratch

was my face red

view with alarm

still waters run deep

patter of little feet
dearly bought and paid for

pay through the nose

it's the only game in town
you're one in a million

he's got one foot in the grave
gave a sigh of relief

he shouldered his way in

what a bummer

very real concern
he's under the gun to
it's only a matter of time

take the plunge
better to be safe than sorry

heard through the grapevine

time and time again
deja vu all over again

to the best of my knowledge
at this point in time

in this day and age
read my lips

reigns supreme

it's raining cats and dogs

start from scratch

wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole

the stuff that dreams are made of
what you see is what you get
let's set the record straight

more than you can shake a stick at

in the final analysis
someone who has everything

proud possessor

trials and tribulations
words fail to

young and foolish

chickens come home to roost

better late than never
by and large
a checkered career

neither fish nor fowl

born and raised
could care less