Many Ways to Say One Thing

It's said that you can tell much about a culture by its vocabulary. When people greet each other in China, they say, "Have you eaten?" In Tibet they say, "May you have healthy feet."  In Israel they say, "Peace." In Finland they say, "Are you warm?" In the US they say, "How are you?" (the US spends 1/7 of its GNP on health care) and "Drive carefully."

The importance of a concept in a culture is indicated by the number of ways of expressing it—often with different shades of meaning. What can be concluded from the following lists?

79 Eskimo words for Snow and Ice

71 British words for Intoxicated

38 American words for Money

59 words for Insane

54 words for Unintelligent

38 words for Buttocks

25 ways to say "Go away."

49 ways to express Astonishment

26 ways to express Disbelief

33 ways to express Appreciation

23 ways to express Displeasure

9 ways to say "You're welcome"

9 ways to say "in Prison"