Word Puzzles

The assiduous reader will surly dissern nine mispelled words in this sentance.

What word has an "f" pronounced like a "v"?

Name a six-letter word that has four "s"s (there are two such words).

What eight-letter word has only one vowel? (In the plural, this word becomes a nine-letter word with one vowel.)

What word used in English starts with the "zh" sound (like the "s" in vision)?

Name a word with a double w (there are eight such words).

What word has three double letters in succesion? ("Committee" almost works.)

What two words are always capitalized, athough they are not proper nouns (Spain), proper adjectives (Spanish), nor deific pronouns (Thee)?

Name three words that change their pronunciation when capitalized.

What is the longest word that you can spell without repeating a letter?

Find a word with a triple letter.

What is the longest word you can find without an a, e, i, o, or u?

Find a word with six consonants in a row (there are two such words).

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