Mr. Grouse
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In mid March a grouse would meet our car as we drove in the driveway and follow us as we drove to the garage.  Then he followed us about 15 feet away as we walked to the house.  Dan went out to change the tires on the car from snow tires to regular tires.  He's making a racket with the air wrench, and around the car comes Mr. Grouse to see what's going on.  From then on he would appear every day when we were working outside, and he'd check us out—almost getting under foot.

It seemed to be a friendly/aggressive relationship, with Mr. Grouse challenging us and pecking at our feet.  At one point Dan threw a laundry basket over him so Lynn would have a moment's peace working on the garden.  But sometimes he was happy to just hop up on the fence rail with Dan and watch the scenery.

Sometime in mid April we stopped seeing Mr. Grouse.  A neighbor said he had seen some grouse feathers in the road—probably a predator.

Movies: Pestering Dan. Pestering Lynn. Lifting the basket. Coming in the house. Leaving the house.

Can you find Mr. Grouse?